Bellamy's scheme of arrangement


Financial Summary

Financial Performance

The Company achieved revenue of $328.7m (FY17: $240.2m), EBITDA of $64.6m (FY17: $1.4m) and NPAT of $42.8m (FY17: loss of $0.8m). Revenue growth was predominantly volume driven and included a $8.7m contribution (from external customers) from the Camperdown manufacturing business (Camperdown).

Normalised financial performance compares to FY17 in the table below:

  1. (1) Bellamy’s has followed the guidance for underlying profit as issued by the ASIC regulator guide RG230 ‘Disclosing non-IFRS information’. The profit and loss summary with a prior period comparison in the table above, has been sourced from the accounts but has not been subject to separate review or audit. The directors believe that the presentation of the unaudited non-IFRS profit and loss summary in the table above is useful for users as FY18 and FY17 includes significant items that are not expected to be repeated in future years. The table reflects the normalised earnings of the business.
  2. (2) Refer Note 6 for details of individually significant items. In FY18, a one-off expense of $6.0m to provide for inventory writedowns relating to the transition to SAMR registered products in China and CoOL compliant labelling in Australia as reported above.